The Importance of Water Filtration Systems in West Palm Beach

plumber for water filtration systems in West Palm BeachWater is a very important part of human life. Water is not only for sustenance but for sanitation as well. Can you imagine your life without water? It is a good thing already that potable water is made available to our homes by the city government. However, especially if you have kids, you’d want water that’s 100% pure and safe to drink. This is why it is also important to filter drinking water for the safety of our family. Read on to know the basics of water filtration systems in West Palm Beach.

Here are some things you need to know about water filtration systems:

  1. Check your drinking water. The water coming out of your faucet should be tested for impurities. This will help you know what type of water filter you will get for your household.
  2. Choose your water filter system. There are three types to choose from. First, there’s the pitcher type that is the cheapest and lest effective. You’ll end up changing water filters often. Second is faucet mounted type. This is for you if you’re okay with getting water from just one faucet such as the kitchen sink. Otherwise, you will have to install other units on the other faucets. Lastly, there’s the inline filter system that is the most expensive. It will be tapped in your home’s entire water line so even your shower water is filtered.
  3. Choose the filter that you will use. There are NSF certified carbon filters that are used to filter chlorine, chloroform, and other chemicals in the water. Then, there’s reverse osmosis for inline filter systems. Reverse osmosis filters fluoride, sodium, lead, iron, and nitrates.

Does it sound so complicated? Don’t worry, a licensed West Palm Beach plumber can help you figure these out. If you’re already decided on having a water filtration system installed in your home, call Plumbers 911 at (561) 475-1164 to ask for a free quote and to schedule an appointment.