A 101 on Sewer and Drain Cleaning

Plumbing is a very complicated topic.  But with just a little reading here and there, watching Youtube videos and my very own experience, I’ve come to share a few things I’ve encountered.  These are the top four questions I’ve asked my plumber, so I’d like to share them with you!


Is My Garbage Disposal Causing My Kitchen To Smell?

garbage-disposal-maintenanceIf you have a horrible smell permeating from your kitchen sink, it may be originating in your garbage disposal. As you put food particles through your garbage disposal, they begin to collect inside the disposal unit. Over time, this accumulation of food particles leads to the growth of mold and bacteria. Although some preventive cleaning can prolong the time between professional services, professional attention is needed for your garbage disposal if it has begun to put off a noticeable smell or if flies have begun swarming around your kitchen.

Does My Washing Machine Have a Drain?

The answer is yes and it is often the most overlooked drain in your home. Each and every time you do a load of laundry, particles and other items collect in your machine’s drain. Lint, pieces of fabric, buttons and other items can travel through your drain and, at times, get stuck. To keep your washing machine working properly, it is vital to keep the drain lines clean and clear. Call licensed plumbers from Washington DC who can clean your drain likes quickly and safely in no time flat. We will also be glad to schedule an appointment to come out in 18 months – 2 years to do another preventive cleaning.


What Is Jetting?

Sometimes a snaking is not enough to repair a slow or clogged drain, even when they snaking is performed by the best plumber in the business. In those case, a jetting treatment may be necessary. Jetting is the process of using water pressure to blast through hair, grease and other tough to break through clogging agents. Jetting is especially effective in drains that are heavily used like those in industrial kitchen or warehouse floors. After a jetting treatment, enzymes can be introduced into the piping system to decrease the build-up effect of items like grease.

What Do I Do If Water is Backing Up Into My Sinks or Tub?

bathtub-drainOccasionally, the primary sewer or septic line will get blocked which will cause water to back up through the drain systems into your home or business. This back-up water is often dirty and accompanied by a horrifically bad smell. There is very little you can do without professional assistance to fix this problem.

Here’s a bonus information for you! Want to make your own drain cleaner that won’t hurt your pipes? Watch this video and get the instructions!